Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Some good news

We are so blessed to tell you that our little girl was looking good today at the ultrasound! Thank you so much for all of your prayers...God answered the cry of our hearts!

I will tell you that today started as a tough day. I was very anxious about the appointment and what we might find. I prayed all throughout the day, pleading with God to please protect this baby girl. I was so blessed when I was sitting at the table reading this afternoon and I felt her kick me. She did it several times, and I was so excited and happy to know she was okay. I haven't felt any movement since the one time before we went up to Mayo, so I was so blessed to feel those little kicks. Then while we were in the waiting area at the hospital before the appointment, she started kicking again and Chad was able to feel. It was the best feeling he'd had in a while too.

We have two prayers now: baby girl is looking good structurally...Dr. Fleming said all of her parts are looking great, and he was very excited to see she was very active and had more fluid in which to move around. She is measuring about 10 days behind my actual gestational age, so the longer I can carry her and give her time to "catch up," the better.

Which leads to our second prayer: the ultrasound at Mayo revealed that my cervix had shortened considerably, and it appears to have shortened a little more. The hope was (and still is) that with the removal of the extra fluid after the ablation that my cervix would recover on its own. Dr. Fleming wants to see me next Tuesday to check it again. If it worsens, we will have to discuss possibly doing something to try and repair it. While I have not been put on official bed rest status, Dr. Fleming did tell me that I need to be a "couch potato." We are so excited that our little girl seems to be doing well, so the last thing we want now would be to go into preterm labor.

So the best thing would be to go back next week, see our baby girl still growing, and see that my cervix had recovered.

Again, thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers for our little girl. While we are still grieving the loss of Allie, today brought us much joy. We are so hopeful that I will be able to carry this little girl for many more weeks, and she would be a healthy little girl.

Thank you again! Love, Jessica


  1. That's awesome news! Praise the Lord! I'll be praying for the continued healthy growth of your baby and lots of kicking!

  2. Halleluia! I woke up thinking of you and praying for you and went straight to my computer to see if there was an update. I'm so very thankful to the Lord for this good news. I won't stop praying.

    Thanks for letting us know!

    Sue Frerichs

  3. Thank God for those kicks! It's nice that she's reassuring you both that she's ok! What a blessing! And we can be couch potatoes together- my last day of work is Friday!! :)

  4. Awesome! What an answer to prayer! we are so thankful that your little girl is moving and doing well. We will DEFINATELY keep you in our prayers. We have even been talking about Emily's baby sister to Cameron who has also been praying!! Love you guys!

  5. What a blessing and answer to prayers! You continue to be in our prayers daily. Yay!

  6. i'm so happy to hear your news, i dedicated a picture on my blog to to your family the other day the other day and was just looking at it thinking of you and the baby and came over to find great news of your dr.'s appt.
    you can see your picture on charminglifephotography.blogspot.com, i'd loved the picture when i took it early in the morning, very peaceful and just seemed to be perfect to give to you...take care Carol

  7. every good and perfect gift IS from above! praise the Lord! this is wonderful news!

  8. That is great Jess! We will continue praying for the growth/good health of the little one and for you too! I hope your situation continues to improve along with the little angel your carrying! Thank you so much for journaling to us all! Your family has definitely touched many lives and continues to do so-thank you! The Koenigs

  9. Brent and Lanette Aitchison are praying for you!