Friday, July 17, 2015


Happy 3rd Birthday, my sweet baby girl.

Another year has passed, but I can still go back to those six days like it was yesterday.

The amazing thing about you is that your little life continues to encourage others even though you aren't here. I get to speak with health care professionals about caring for families with a situation like ours. I have the honor of supporting moms with babies who are sick. I get to share stories of how God used you to teach me, grow me, and give me better glimpses of His love.

It's been a difficult year for some of my mama friends. You have new, precious friends in heaven. And while I'm sure you're all living a life that is unimaginable to us, families are walking through the first stages of grief, trying to figure out how to move forward when they don't want to.

My prayer for these families is that they will somehow discover joy again, that they will receive blessings as they move forward through the pain. Loss is painful, but I know all these families have the same feelings we do: the pain they have is worth the love they experienced with these precious children.

Everyday I thank God that I got to be your mommy. The pain I feel without you is still no match for the love I had (and still have) with you.

Your little sister Mia likes to be rocked before bedtime. Sometimes I read to her, sometimes I sing, and sometimes I tell her stories about you. How I wish she could have known you this side of heaven.

Daddy had to work today, so we're celebrating your birthday as a family tomorrow. I'm looking forward to reliving the days with our Avery Joy.

I love you, baby girl. Happy Birthday.