Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sunday update

Good 48 hours since last post.  Avery seems to be doing well.  Gets blue when she has a diaper, and last night appeared to go apneic and severely blue.  Scary few moments of trying to stimulate her before return to breathing.  Thanks to friends and family for visits but also for being sensitive to our needs with sleep.  Jessica sleeping right now (she has not been sleeping nearly enough, so it makes me feel good everytime she sleeps).

Highlights from last couple days:
Avery's eyes being more open and her more alert more often
Funeral morning passed yesterday without a funeral
Family Bible story time.
Getting to play the piano (quietly) with Avery in my lap
Some time I have had with Emily and Olivia, especially bath time last night in mommy and daddy's tub using the jets and bubbles, followed by dancing.
Avery is crying with more fervor when she cries
This morning, getting to overhear Olivia playing Candy Land with Grammie (my mom) and hearing her say "That's your house, Grammie." She was pointing to the house for "Grandma Nutt." No comment.
Eating more (Avery and us)
Olivia again pointing out the family resemblance between her and Avery
Timely delivery of diapers--thanks Courtney!
Jessica letting me work out yesterday morning with Ryan Horner
Meeting a new friend Karl at that workout yesterday, who left me in the dust despite being 12 years my elder...then prayed for Avery and our family when we were done.  What a stud!
Answered prayers for the protection of Emily's delicate heart and for Olivia's transition to having a baby in the home

Mostly, we are grateful for a fresh perspective.  We now understand in a way we never could have (had we not met Avery) just how much God loves her and what a treasure she is to him.  Jessica and I feel so privileged to have had nearly five days with her now. 

Areas for prayer:
Jessica's rest
For our hearts to find a balance between trying to enjoy every moment and not exhausting ourselves with overdoing it (in terms of sleep deprivation, visitors, etc.)
For me: attention to the needs of Jessica first and protecting her, loving and spending time with Emily and Olivia, and perhaps making time for Jessica to have some special time carved out with each of them as well
Spiritual disciplines
Emily starting school in a few weeks
Me going back to work on Tuesday (1/2 days this next week)
Our parents: rest for them (they have been SO helpful; we are trying to find the balance of letting them be with Avery as much as possible but not asking too much of them)

That is all I have.  Maybe more pics with the next post.


  1. Such good news, Chad! We are praying for you all, with emphasis on your list. :) We are excited to see new pics. Love & hugs to you all!

  2. Covering you all in prayer, Chad. Love the new pics! Your girls are beautiful (no surprise there!)