Saturday, January 31, 2009

Blessings and Thank You

It's the first time I (Jessica) am trying my hand at this blog, but the events of this last week have been so astonishing to me that I need to let you all know how blessed and thankful I feel.

Of course the news that the babies have TTTS is devastating, and it is scary to know that there are no guarantees. But it is amazing to me how God has provided so much hope and encouragement this last week, and you have all been a part of that, so I want to thank you.

We have been blessed. Since we first found out about the babies condition, we have been flooded with phone calls, text messages, and emails from so many of you saying you are praying for us, offering help, and sending encouraging thoughts. You have no idea how much these things have given us strength and made us feel so loved. I hope one of these days to respond to each of these emails and return calls to those of you who I haven't talked to yet. And I plan on saving each email and printing them, so one day I can show these little girls all of the people who loved them and prayed for them long before they were born.

We have been blessed by so many at UNMC...from Dr. Tomich who so wonderfully worked us into his schedule and coordinated our trip to Mayo, to Chad's bosses, who have told him not to worry at all about being gone from work because they've got it covered, to his fellow residents who have asked how we are doing and offered their encouragement. Thank you!

We have been blessed by my parents' employers. Mom and Dad will have Emily next week while we are at Mayo, and both Hallmark and KAT 103 have demonstrated so much flexibility with their schedules. Mom's boss Amy has even helped us with a connection to another family who just had two baby boys with TTTS, and we are anxious to talk with them. Thank you!

We have been blessed by my dear friends at Black Elk, where I used to teach and still sub. Thank you for your emails, prayers, and for the wonderful gift you gave brought me to tears.

We have been blessed by our Worship Team at church, who were there the night we realized what we were facing and immediately prayed with us. Thanks for your incredible help while we are at Mayo...we are speechless.

We have been blessed to spend some time with friends over the last week, sharing our fears about what is going on, but also being able to talk about other things in life and laugh. It is great to have joy in the midst of a hard time. Thank you!

A couple of other blessings I want to share:

Emily-What a blessing she has been in our lives since the day we knew she existed. However, I think the events of the past week and a half have amplified just how much she amazes us. She has kept us laughing during this time. Wednesday we went to her 2 year check up, and she was the picture of health. I am always thankful that she is a healthy little girl, but I think I was more thankful this time due to circumstances. And Thursday night blessed me most of all. We were getting ready for bed when she said "Wanna read a book?" She handed me one she had already picked out and attempted to sit in my lap. My tummy is rather tight, so it is uncomfortable to have her sit in my lap right now. I asked her if she could sit next to me because of my tummy, and she responded, "Mommy's tummy full?"

"No," I said. "What is in mommy's tummy right now?" She smiled and lifted my shirt, said "Hi, baby twinkles!" and gave my tummy a kiss. I have no idea how much she truly understands, but she knows that whatever is in mom's tummy is precious and loved by us.

Finally, last night Chad and I had just finished watching a movie and he was on the phone. I was still reclined on the couch when a giant bump appeared on my stomach. I felt it, and it was baby B, the one who is crowded in her little sac, moving. I grabbed Chad's hand, and he was able to feel her pushing and moving around. I haven't really been able to feel the babies move yet, so I was amazed that it was so obvious! There she was, pushing some little body part with such strength. "Hang on, little girl," Chad said. "In a couple of days, you'll have more room in there."

I know there are not guarantees, but I have a lot of hope for these babies. You have all been a part of that...I know your prayers are helping these little girls. Thank you so much, and we love you all.


  1. Chad and Jess, love you so much. miss you terribly. you are in my constant prayers. God is so faithful and His love and protection is evident in your lives.

  2. Chad and Jess.....First I am sorry about your diagnosis of TTTS....Second...who ever does your laser...needs to be experieneced....Please call their office and find out if they have done at least 50 lasers. Knowing everyone has to start somewhere, their is a learning curve. Please feel free to contact me for any questions or concerns. I am the nurse coord. for the Fetal Center in Houston and I have a speacial interest in TTTS. my email is and also my blog where you can find additional info.

    and our web site.


  3. Jessica- Your courage and faith is inspiring. Reading your blog entry reminds me so much of Philippines 4:4-8. It is apparent that you are focusing your mind on things that are true (about God and prayer) and lovely (all the blessings of people in your life) instead of focusing all your attention on anxiety. We will continue to pray for you and those precious babies.

  4. Jessica, Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Your love and faith will be there for all that life challenges brings before us. I will be there for your family and especially your Mom in your days to come.
    God Bless you and Chad in your journeys.
    Dave and Billie Whitmarsh

  5. Chad and Jessica, Tim and I are thinking of you as you make your trip to the Mayo. God has your sweet little ones in His hands. And we know that your faith and the prayers of all your family and friends will help you through the challenges ahead. Our prayers and well wishes for you are lifted up continually. God bless you and give you strength.
    Great Uncle Tim and Aunt Deb Taylor