Monday, June 8, 2009

Olivia Ann Reade

Born June 8, 2009 at 9:53 a.m. after Jessica pushed once. (Of course, we had been at the hospital for 6.5 hours before that waiting for her to dilate.) 7 lbs, 13.6 oz; 18.5 inches; and had dark hair like her mommy (probably already has more hair than Emily). Her APGARs were 9 and 10, and she latched on very well with feeding.

Emily met her baby sister this afternoon (she let Olivia know, "You can have pacifiers"). Emily also gave her a number of kisses.

Things for which we are thankful:
1. Healthy mommy-Jessica felt better immediately postpartum than after Emily (may have something to do with the fact that Emily was a feather under 10 lbs)
2. Healthy baby
3. Great support of family and friends, physical and moral.
4. Wonderful staff here that have been exceptionally sensitive to what we are going through. Carol, an OB nurse of 18 years, candidly told us this morning, "We don't deal with your situation often. We are used to rejoicing with families whose childbirth experience is very smooth, and we grieve with families who lose babies. But we don't often have both happening at once."

Jessica and I are grateful that we were spared the tragedy of having one baby die on the day her twin was born. The grieving process is not over, but we feel a sense of relief that we can now begin to take a step toward some closure. The hospital chaplain was helpful in putting us in touch with a local mortuary. Tomorrow, I will begin ironing out some of the details. Throughout the day, the people here at Bergan validated the dignity and importance of Allie's life...which greatly comforted us.

Jessica is doing well this evening according to her OB and the nurses' reports, and "Dr. Mike" (our pediatrician) came to the hospital after he finished clinic today to let us know that Olivia looks good. If all goes well, we will have an uneventful day tomorrow and will head home in the MINIVAN Wednesday. (Note: We drove the Camry to the hospital. I was supportive of buying the minivan, but I am not embracing driving it...yet.)

I suspect Jessica will blog (6 months ago, I didn't know the word could be either a noun or a verb) tomorrow. Until then, thank you for your prayers--and thank God for answers.


  1. Congratulations! I am so happy for your family! Olivia is a special little girl and couldn't be in the hands of two better parents! I can't wait to see pictures of her!
    God Bless,

  2. Today when I heard your Dad's voice on the phone, I knew it must be good news! Congratulations from all of us!
    Love, Billie

  3. Thanks for allowing us to rejoice along with you - what an amazing journey you have allowed us to be part of. I love the side note of Emily!

  4. Congratulations. God bless you all. We continue to pray for you. Craig and Julie Holz

  5. Yeah!!! That is wonderful! So glad that she is here and such a great size. Beautiful name...looking forward to meeting her. -Jana

  6. Hello to the Reade family. I've been a bit of a "bad blogger" both reading and writing. Imagine my surprise when I thought I'd just "take a peek" and see if anything was going on in the Reade household and saw your posting!! It sounds like there might be a eed for a little "Auntie Annette" hugging and diaper changing! (Yes, I'm THAT desperate for a grandchild that I would volunteer to change your baby's diaper!!)
    Keep us posted.
    much love
    the markins